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To really appreciate MaxGasser you need to see it and sit on it. Until then, here are some Customer's Rides and Customer's Comments:

Evan's Maxgasser

MaxGasser Owner Evan B of Saskatchewan shows how easy it is to remove your stock seat and install a MaxGasser seat with his YouTube video. 12/2010

"This was my first day out with the bike since the fall, I had been waiting anxiously to try out my new MaxGasser that I had been sitting on in my garage all winter. I could feel a change but you just dont know untill you ride. The 40+ degree weather was a small deterrent but nonetheless, the seat is amazing. Im 6' 3" and 250 lbs. I felt better support on the backside and it really holds you into place when giving it some snot. All three riding positions (Rear pegs, Front pegs, Crash bars) are extremely comfortable. The ease of fueling is the main intention for the seat which it does beautifully, but the real star of the show is the comfort and finish. I highly recommend this seat to any looking at options other than stock. Richard is a pleasure to deal with and was quick with answers anytime i had questions. The shipping was fast, stuffed full of bubble wrap and protected well. If anyone has questions you can ask me on, username MR_NST." 4/2011

"I just purchased [MaxGasser] from [Rick] this past weekend while at Thunder In The valley. Took it on a 100 mile round trip ride to the dinner run Friday night, and I must say I was very impressed with the comfort. I have had the stock seat, also a Corbin seat, then I had my Corbin cut down and had a gel pad installed, and I must say this seat is much more comfortable than all of those. I'm 6' and 200 lbs, and when I ride I like to move my feet from the engine guards, to mid controls, to the rear pegs just to keep comfortable. My least favorite position was the engine guards, now with this new seat that is my favorite position. Anybody that has forward controls or engine guards, this seat is awesome for that position! It holds you in and you can stay comfortable in that position for a long time...
It is obvious Rick put a lot of thought and hard work into this seat and it shows. from the ease of re filling the tank, to the quality materials, this is a great seat. He also reassured me that he will stand behind his seat, if something ever goes wrong."
Bill K, Export PA 7/2010


"I was up at Thunder this past weekend hanging out with Rick. That seat does look awesome in my opinion and it surely beats out a Corbin any day. You get great comfort and the passenger will be sitting above you not just behind you. The seat has the rider fitted snug in its form so when you get on the bike, you wont have to worry about sliding back in the sit at all. Rick has a few basic choices of styles and he is open to customization in the near future. I believe this seat will be a bit hit with everyone that sees it. Its a great design. Love how the rear seat works with the stock OEM grab rail or OEM backrest!" Anonymous VMAx owner, MD 7/2010

DannyMax Bike

"Rick sent me a PM last night that my Maxgasser seat was shipped yesterday. Today UPS delivered it......that's ok....ey?

I mounted it on '99, the install was very simple, it's a direct bolt up if you have the OEM grab rail and one 3/8" hole to drill if you have the Yamaha sissybar/backrest. (I drilled two holes cause I screwed up the measurement.)

The front section slides in and needs no bolting. Rick had said that previously but I figured....'Well, I'll prolly put a couple bolts in just in case'....but there is really no need.

The Maxgasser is very comfortable, I went on some back roads to check it out and it really works well. It plants you down in the bike and the elevated passenger section gives nice back support.

Like Bill, I find the most comfortable position is with my feet on the crash bars. I'm really glad that I got those cruiser rubber foot pads, now. Got them last year but didn't use them much cause they just didn't work well with my screwed up back.

With the gen-mar riser I can sit up on the back section with my feet on the passenger footpegs for an alternative riding position if I need to. It feels a little weird but it gives another option.

The elevated rear section seems to flow well with the sissybar too, before the sissybar was just kinda sticking up in the air by itself but with the Maxgasser it works into the lines of the bike much better. IMO anyhow!

Rick most definitely put a lot of thought into this seat, the choice of foam, pan and seat material couldn't be better!" Dan U, Ghent NY 7/2010

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